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Henan Zhengzhou Power Supply Company: Scientific Supply See Results

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During the peak summer this year, Henan Zhengzhou Power Supply Company strictly implemented the decision-making and deployment related to power supply protection, strengthened load management, scientifically controlled load, and formed a joint force with the government and society.

Implementation of Differentiated Operation and Maintenance to Ensure Equipment Safety

Facing high temperature and high load, Zhengzhou Power Supply Company timely carried out differentiated operation and maintenance, carried out special inspection on heavy overload equipment and lines, and improved inspection quality. Since the beginning of summer, the company has visited 2520 lines and 3360 substations.

Zhengzhou Power Supply Company formulates targeted operation and maintenance strategies according to different load states of the equipment, adopts ultrasonic local discharge, transient ground voltage and other detection methods to comprehensively judge and control the operation of the equipment in real time, and strengthens the state monitoring and patrol temperature measurement of the main transformer, large oil-filled equipment and high-voltage switch cabinet that are expected to be heavily overloaded, and implements differentiated safeguard measures.

Zhengzhou Power Supply Company has created a transmission line operation and maintenance mode of "three-dimensional inspection and centralized monitoring" and a ground-to-air joint substation intelligent inspection mode of "unmanned aerial vehicle robot", applying intelligent technology to improve the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance work.

Launching Joint Exercise to Promote Prevention

On June 30, the State Grid Corporation of China held the 2023 Power Distribution Flood Prevention Exercise in Zhengzhou. This exercise checked the flood control level of Zhengzhou power grid by carrying out such subjects as flood emergency repair of public underground power distribution station buildings, standardized emergency repair of power distribution lines, and flood emergency repair of power distribution station buildings for important users.

While continuing to improve flood control capabilities, since April this year, Zhengzhou Power Supply Company has carried out a series of emergency drills for flood control and power supply protection in conjunction with governments at all levels and relevant units in urban areas and counties. In the case of emergencies, targeted actual combat operations and special subjects are set up to strengthen government-enterprise coordination, professional cooperation, and integration of operation and distribution to achieve the effect of training as war and performance.

"We have deployed 29 key flood control tasks, and organized the units under our jurisdiction to make special reports to relevant government departments at all levels. Through joint drills, we have established a joint flood control emergency mechanism with the local government." Zhengzhou Power Supply Company Operation and Maintenance Department Special Officer Tian Peng Introduction.

During the peak summer, Zhengzhou Power Supply Company adopted such means as water immersion micro-meteorological environment monitoring system, digital command platform for emergency repair of electricity in residential areas, and Zheng Electric's flood prevention one-yard communication to further strengthen the emergency response capability of the power grid in case of emergency.

Promotes Summer Project to Improve Equipment Operation Reliability

In order to further improve power supply capacity, Zhengzhou Power Supply Company has identified 36 summer projects in three categories: infrastructure construction, technological renovation and overhaul, and distribution network, focusing on eliminating power supply bottlenecks in local power grids and improving equipment operation reliability during high temperature and high load periods. The company through the refinement of the construction plan, clear time nodes, strengthen collaborative control, to ensure that the project on schedule.

"After the replacement of the three equipment in the first group was completed, we summarized the experience on site, improved the replacement efficiency of the second group of equipment, and set aside more time for testing and acceptance to ensure the construction quality and subsequent project progress." Li Rui, head of the maintenance team responsible for the current transformer renovation project of 220 kV Liulin Substation, introduced. The new current transformers are more reliable to operate during high loads than the old ones. During the summer project, the company renovated 21 current transformers, completely eliminated hidden dangers such as equipment aging, and provided guarantee for the smooth peak summer of the power grid.


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