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Shaoyang Substation Maintenance Company to Carry out Current Transformer Replacement Work to Ensure Safe Operation of Equipment

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Shaoyang News Network, December 16 (Correspondent Shen Wanda Wang Ke) "The current transformer of Xianling Line at 306 intervals has a small change ratio and a large measurement error, which may cause the protection device to malfunction in serious cases and must be replaced as soon as possible." On December 16, the maintenance personnel of Shaoyang Substation Maintenance Company were 110 kV Xianchaiqiao Substation to rectify the problems found in the Spring Festival power supply safety inspection.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the user load is increasing sharply. In order to ensure reliable electricity consumption for Shaoyang people, the company adopts a linkage mode of maintenance team and operation and maintenance team to investigate the equipment operation status of important substations in Shaoyang City in advance. During this period, it is found that the 110 kV Xiancha Bridge transformer 306 interval current transformer ratio is relatively small, which has potential equipment safety hazards and affects the living electricity consumption of surrounding people, the company immediately organized maintenance personnel to carry out the replacement work. At the

maintenance site, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the current transformer replacement work, the company actively organizes personnel, strictly abides by the standardized process, and conducts an accurate investigation of the on-site safety measures item by item, and the person in charge of the work clearly explains the work tasks, dangerous points and safety technical measures of the maintenance work to the members of the work class. During the operation, in order to solve the problem of inconsistency between the old and new transformer models, the operators continued to fight hard and overcome difficulties, and temporarily processed the back plate connecting the current transformer and the switch cabinet to ensure the successful completion of the current transformer replacement.

In the next step, the company will continue to promote the safety inspection of power supply during the Spring Festival, so as to fully grasp the operation of substation equipment, ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid equipment, and lay a solid foundation for the residents of the city to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. basis.

[Source: Shaoyang News Network]]


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