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Why do voltage transformers have several output terminals?

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indicates the number of primary and secondary windings of the voltage transformer, except for one primary winding, the rest are secondary windings. The two turns are one primary winding and one secondary winding, the three turns are mostly three-phase five-column transformer, one primary winding and two secondary windings (one star and one open triangle). As for the four secondary three windings (winding (100 √ 3) winding, (100 √ 3)V winding, and 100 V winding), the four of the five are added with open triangle. The

voltage transformer is a transformer with iron core. It is mainly composed of 1. secondary coil, core and insulation. When a voltage U1 is applied to the primary winding, a magnetic flux φ is generated in the core and, according to the law of electromagnetic induction, a secondary voltage U2 is generated in the secondary winding. Changing the number of turns of the primary or secondary winding can produce different ratios of primary voltage to secondary voltage, which can form voltage transformers with different ratios. According to the number of windings can be divided into double winding and three winding voltage transformer, three winding voltage transformer in addition to the primary side and the basic secondary side, there is a group of auxiliary secondary side, for grounding protection.


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