Service guarantee

Companies adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, lean, innovative" corporate culture, committed to "quality first", and strive to provide quality services to customers, and strive to make customers satisfied. The company has professionals, has a wealth of experience, can strictly perform the contract after-sales service tasks, always ready to serve customers.

Corporate Vision

Commitment to concrete measures

Our company implements the tenet of "integrity, customer achievement, self-improvement, and pursuit of excellence", provides quality tracking services for projects, and provides first-class maintenance services to users in the spirit of technical excellence.

1, establish detailed customer files and maintenance records for customers;

2, establish a regular return visit system, understand the user's usage, solve the problems in time, and arrange special personnel to provide technical support to the customer;

3. After receiving the user's complaint request, we will propose a solution within 4 hours, assign special personnel to the site to cooperate with the solution within 24 hours.

4. During the quality assurance period, we are responsible for cooperating and solving the problems caused by improper use or improper storage of customers.

5. During the power outage maintenance, our company can provide technical services such as appearance inspection, product inspection and on-site test of products according to customer requirements.

6. According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement, after the product is delivered for operation, for product quality problems within the validity period, we will unconditionally carry out maintenance and replacement.

Enterprise Mission

After-sales service standards and requirements

1. After-sales service personnel must establish the concept that customer satisfaction is the standard of inspection service and do their best to serve users.

2, actively, enthusiastically and patiently answer all kinds of questions raised by users in the service, and timely report to the after-sales service headquarters to assist in solving them;

3, service personnel should be civilized, polite, active service, establish a good working relationship with users;

4, receive user complaints, propose solutions within 4 hours, and send special personnel to the site to cooperate with the solution within the time specified by the customer or within 24 hours. Earnestly fulfill the promise to users;

5. After completing the work task, the service personnel should fill in the "after-sales service report form" carefully and ask the users for their consent to fill in the after-sales service satisfaction questionnaire.

6, major quality problems, feedback to the relevant departments of the company to solve;

7, establish the registration of after-sales service calls and letters, and make after-sales service dispatch records, and various statements.

spirit of enterprise

Commitment to concrete measures

1. First, sign the after-sales service guarantee agreement with the customer while signing the project contract, eliminate the worries of the customer, and make a realistic commitment to the customer;

2. Contact the user during the contract period for the products that have been accepted and delivered to the user, record the user's usage, operation status, etc. for quality tracking investigation and active service;

3, in view of the representative problems of each user unit, regular technical training for operators or on-site training and guidance.

4. When there is a problem with the products within the validity period, the company's maintenance service personnel shall go to the site to deal with, repair and exchange in time after receiving the report.

5. For products with long running time, the company's maintenance service personnel regularly contact customers to inquire about the situation, regularly visit customers for inspection and inspection, make records, and keep records.

6. Products with problems during the warranty period are identified as quality problems caused by the products themselves. We are responsible for free repair or replacement and regular maintenance services for the products during the warranty period.

Core Values

Content and scope of maintenance service

Our company will provide maintenance services for each project undertaken, and the validity period starts from the date when the owner signs the completion report after the project acceptance.

1. Response time: reply and propose solutions within 4 hours, and arrive at the scene within 24 hours.

2. Maintenance location: user site.

Core Values

Professional staffing for after-sales service

The company takes the maintenance department as the center, coordinates the transfer and cooperation of the technical department and the after-sales service department, and records the archived maintenance records and reports them to the relevant leaders.

The after-sales service department is equipped with multiple fixed maintenance personnel. When there is a problem with the product, arrange the maintenance personnel to be equipped with a technician to arrive at the site as soon as possible to ensure that the problems in the quality of the project are solved in time.

Core Values

Maintenance and service support measures

1. Telephone Support Service

The telephone service hotline number is subject to the number we provide to the user (including telephone and fax numbers). If there is any change, we will notify the user by email, fax or telephone within 3 days from the date of the change.

2, on-site troubleshooting or technical guidance

After receiving the user's telephone support service request, if the technical problem of the product cannot be solved through the telephone support service, and the need for on-site support is confirmed by both parties through negotiation, we will send professional and technical personnel to the site in time to assist the user to solve it.

3. Telephone consultation service We provide telephone consultation service for non-fault problems arising from the use of equipment or products by users.

4, Complaint Acceptance Service

We have a user complaint telephone number 0371-56033867 in the company.


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