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domestic first set! Successful trial operation in Pu!

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On the evening of April 22, the first 252 kV environmental protection gas (clean air) current transformer in China was successfully put into trial operation in Puyang. This is an important measure for the State Grid Corporation to implement the national "double carbon" policy and promote the green environmental protection of equipment. It is also one of the important pilot work of the State Grid Corporation's current transformer "oil to gas" to improve the explosion-proof capability of equipment.

The EGC-252 environmental protection gas current transformer pilot put into operation this time is located in 220 kV Dunqiu Substation, which is an important ring network component station of the "dual-core and three-ring" grid in Puyang area and a key hub to ensure power supply in northern Puyang area. Compared with the current more common SF6 gas current transformer, environmental protection gas insulated current transformer has outstanding low carbon environmental protection performance, can realize clean mixed gas as the internal insulation gas, meet the environmental protection conditions can be directly discharged. At the same time, the equipment also supports the use of low temperature and high cold areas. The external material uses silicone rubber casing, which has no risk of explosion and fire, and is safer and more reliable.

In order to ensure the smooth commissioning of the equipment, the State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company has established a team of experts covering multiple fields, and is in the equipment department of Henan Electric Power Company, Henan Electric Power Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute and other domestic authoritative experts Under the guidance, complete the key process work from evaluation to network connection. State Grid Puyang Power Supply Company, as one of the three pilot units in the province, actively promotes the pilot application of new technologies, plays the role of technical supervision platform, organizes professional substation network personnel to strictly supervise the new equipment at all stages before entering the network, successively completes the technical route discussion, type test report review, pilot substation selection, network access evaluation scheme review, factory test witness, etc. of the product, and formulates emergency plans simultaneously, ensure that the equipment is loaded normally in extreme cases, and go all out to escort the equipment to the network smoothly.

In recent years, with the implementation of the national "double carbon" policy, the State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Corporation of China have increased year by year in the research and networking of environmental protection gas high-voltage power equipment. The pilot application of new environmental protection gas current transformers has also been included in the list of key tasks of the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company in 2023. In the next step, Puyang Power Supply Company of the State Grid will continue to explore the application of new environmental protection gas current transformers. Through cooperation with the Provincial Electric Power Research Institute and equipment manufacturers, it will accumulate real data during the trial operation of environmental protection equipment, strictly implement the differentiated operation and maintenance strategy of new equipment entering the network, further enrich the technical operation and maintenance data of relevant equipment, and provide important theoretical reference for subsequent promotion.

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