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Bozhou Power Supply: The First Explosion-proof Current Transformer Operated in 220 kV Woyang Transformer Network

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On June 14, Bozhou Power Supply Company completed the 4743 power transmission operation of Bozhou Guoyang 220 kV Boyang Line, marking the official network connection of the first 220 kV explosion-proof oil-immersed current transformer in Bozhou 220 kV Guoyang Transformer in Anhui Province, which effectively ensured the safe and stable operation of power grid equipment. The first 220 kV explosion-proof current transformer of

State Grid was jointly developed by Anhui Electric Power Research Institute and a research team set up by China Electric Power Research Institute, Bozhou Power Supply Company, transformer manufacturer and national test unit.

current transformer belongs to oil-filled equipment, which will bring risks to the safe operation of surrounding equipment after failure. In recent years, the explosion-proof reliability current transformer has been successfully applied in foreign countries, but it is still a blank in this field in China. In order to fill the technical gap, the State Grid Anhui Electric Power began to plan the development of explosion-proof current transformers.

To improve the explosion-proof capability of the current transformer, the most important thing is the design of the explosion relief channel and the matching of the pressure relief strength. In order to achieve the goal, Anhui Electric Power Research Institute took the lead in setting up a technical research team, which made concerted efforts from the following aspects: formulating test standards, building test capabilities, and making thorough tests. Finally, it formulated an equipment structure improvement plan based on explosion relief-explosion-proof technology, successfully developed a new type of current transformer with explosion-proof performance, and successfully passed various tests and examinations.

Bozhou Power Supply Company plans ahead of time to implement the pilot work, formulates an annual maintenance plan, tracks the production cycle and defines the installation time. Do a good job in site investigation, personnel access and other safety work requirements, compile the examination and approval of maintenance plans, pay special attention to the quality of construction technology, to ensure the smooth operation of the first explosion-proof current transformer of the national network in Bozhou 220 kV vortex yang transformer network.


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