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Main types of voltage transformers

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voltage transformer:

1. according to the installation location can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type. 35kV and below are mostly made of indoor type; 35kV and above are made of outdoor type.

2. According to the number of phases, it can be divided into single-phase and three-phase type. 35kV and above cannot be made into three-phase type.

3. According to the number of windings, it can be divided into two-winding and three-winding voltage transformers. In addition to the primary side and the basic secondary side, the three-winding voltage transformer also has a set of auxiliary secondary sides for grounding protection.

4. According to the insulation method, it can be divided into dry type, pouring type, oil immersion type and inflatable type. Dry voltage transformer has simple structure, no fire and explosion hazard, but low insulation strength, and is only suitable for indoor devices below 6kV. Cast voltage transformer has compact structure and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for 3kV ~ 35kV indoor power distribution equipment. Oil-immersed voltage transformer has good insulation performance and can be used for outdoor power distribution equipment above 10kV. Inflatable voltage transformer is used in SF6 fully enclosed electrical appliances.

5. According to the working principle, it can also be divided into electromagnetic voltage transformer, capacitive voltage transformer and electronic voltage transformer.

transformer is also referred to as VT) and transformer is very similar, are used to transform the voltage on the line. However, the purpose of transformer voltage transformation is to transmit electric energy, so the capacity is very large, generally in kVA or MVA as the unit of calculation. The purpose of voltage transformer voltage transformation is mainly used to supply power to measuring instruments and relay protection devices, to measure the voltage, power and electric energy of the line, or to measure the voltage, power and electric energy of the line when the line fails.


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