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What are the advantages of instrument voltage transformer?

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instrument voltage transformer?

(1) a meter multi-purpose. The instrument transformer can convert large voltage and large current into low voltage and small current, making it suitable for the measurement range of the instrument. It can be used together; it can also be used alone, thus improving the utilization rate of the instrument. In addition, one instrument transformer can be connected to several instruments at the same time (under the premise of not exceeding the secondary rated impedance), while only one form can be used when the range of the instrument is expanded by shunt or additional resistance.

(2) Reduce the power consumption of the meter. Using a transformer to expand the range of the instrument is much smaller than using a shunt or additional resistance. For example, when measuring a voltage of 20kV, when the full bias current of the meter is 20mA, the meter power consumption of the voltmeter is: P = UI = 20 × 103 × 20 × 10-3=400 (W). The use of voltage transformer measurement, table power consumption does not exceed tens of watts.

(3) Safe and reliable. After the transformer is adopted, there is only magnetic coupling and no direct electrical connection between the primary side and the secondary side. Therefore, the instrument connected to the secondary side has no direct electrical connection with the primary winding, which is very beneficial to the insulation of the instrument and the safety of the operator.

(4) is conducive to the standardization of instrument manufacturing. The reason is that regardless of the measured voltage or current range, the range of the instrument supporting the transformer is single (the secondary voltage of the general voltage transformer is 100V, and the secondary current of the current transformer is 5A).


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