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The role of voltage transformer in the circuit?

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The function of the voltage transformer is to transform the high voltage into a standard secondary voltage of 100v or low grade according to the proportional relationship for protection, metering and instrument devices. At the same time, the use of voltage transformers can isolate high voltages from electrical workers. Although the voltage transformer is also a device that works according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, its electromagnetic structure relationship is just the opposite compared with the current transformer. The secondary circuit of the voltage transformer is a high impedance circuit, and the size of the secondary current is determined by the impedance of the circuit. When the secondary load impedance decreases, the secondary current increases, so that the primary current automatically increases by a component to satisfy the electromagnetic balance relationship between the 1. secondary sides. It can be said that the voltage transformer is a special transformer with a limited structure and use form. Simply put, it is a "detection element".


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