JLS-6, 10 type high voltage power metering box

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Technical Parameters for Technical dat

Parameter of voltage part
Rated voltage ratio: 1000/100v, 1000/100/220v, 6000/100v accuracy level and combined Accuracy classes combination:0.2,0.5
Rated output Rateoutput: 20VA
Rated insulation level Rated insulation level: 12/42/75,7.2/32/60kV current part parameter Parameter of current part
Rated current ratio: 5~400/5A
Accuracy level and combined Accuracy classes combination: 0.2S, 5S,0.2 Rated output :10VA
Rated short-time thermal current Short-time thermal current(kA/s): 100l 1n/1s Rated dynamic current Rated dyuamaic current(kA): 2.5l th


Wiring Schematic Wiring schematic diagram


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