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State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Self-developed the first domestic low-voltage current transformer live detection device put into use.

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Tianshan Net News (Photo by Correspondent Yin Wenqing) On March 16, the first domestic low-voltage current transformer live detection device independently developed by State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. was put into use in Kuitun, Xinjiang. Relying on this set of equipment, power supply companies in various cities in Xinjiang can carry out "non-inductance" detection of low-voltage current transformers without power outages in the future, so as to minimize the impact of users' electricity consumption.

It is understood that low-voltage current transformers and watt-hour meters are important measuring instruments for electric energy settlement, and their performance and reliability have an important impact on users' electricity consumption calculation, electricity bill accounting, and line loss management in power grid enterprises. Previously, the technological development of the power industry has been able to carry out on-site inspection of watt-hour meters without power failure, while low-voltage current transformers cannot carry out on-line inspection under operating conditions, and only after power failure of transformer users, the operation and maintenance units can carry out maintenance.

In order to solve the above technical problems and improve the level of power grid operation and maintenance, the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Organization marketing measurement professionals set up a special research team to carry out research on related topics in June 2020. During the research and development period, the technicians have overcome the technical problems such as the safe access of primary and secondary currents under the charged condition, the development of high-precision standard devices, and the error calculation device based on the direct waveform comparison method. Subsequently, after cooperating with relevant equipment manufacturers to carry out prototype development, simulation environment testing, function optimization, laboratory environment adjustment and other verification work, the first set of high-precision low-voltage current transformer live detection device in China was successfully developed in February 2023.

The device can be stored in a suitcase with a size of 45 x 35 x 20cm, with a total weight of about 6kg, which not only fills the gap of equipment in related fields in China, but also greatly improves the portability of field maintenance equipment and reduces the workload of front-line operators. After repeated pilot tests, Xinjiang electric power technicians of the state grid recently used the equipment to carry out the first "actual combat" application. they carried out live detection on the low-voltage current transformer of Xinjiang kuitun runxi concrete co., ltd. and found that the transformer of the company had an out-of-tolerance error, resulting in abnormal line loss in the station area. the state grid kuitun power supply company responsible for the area formulated a transformer replacement plan according to the detection results. The new detection device put into use this time not only quickly completes the investigation of abnormal equipment, but also effectively avoids the impact of power outage maintenance on the production and life of users. It is a vivid practice of Xinjiang Electric Power of the State Grid to continuously increase R & D investment and improve customer service quality with science and technology.

Next, Xinjiang Electric Power of the State Grid will summarize the "actual combat" application experience of the low-voltage current transformer live detection device, accelerate the comprehensive promotion and application of the whole Xinjiang, and improve the efficiency of power grid operation and maintenance and the lean management level of metering assets while fully ensuring the power consumption experience of the vast number of power customers.


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